Whilma and Miguel Wedding
Once upon a time, in the hallowed halls of medical school, a chance encounter blossomed into a beautiful love story. Wilma Cuevas and Miguel Garcia crossed paths in an anatomy group, their paths intertwining like the intricate pathways they studied. Though their initial meeting was a bit rocky, fate had greater plans for them. “Miguel was a bit of a hard head and didn’t want to accept help so we had a rocky start to our friendship,” Wilma reminisces with a fond smile.

Yet, as the sands of time shifted, their friendship deepened, forged through shared experiences and a network of mutual friends. When Wilma had to leave for health reasons, the bond remained strong, their paths destined to converge once more. “After about 8 months the unexpected happened and COVID hit and forced all my friends from school to come back to the States. Eventually, all of them came to begin their medical training in Miami at Jackson and Broward,” she recounts.

In the midst of the pandemic’s upheaval, their reconnection blossomed into something more, a love story written in the pages of old-fashioned courtship and heartfelt gestures. Miguel, ever the traditionalist, sought Wilma’s father’s blessing, and their relationship flourished with the timeless charm of bygone eras.
Two years of dating passed, and Miguel once again approached Wilma’s father, this time to ask for her hand in marriage. With months of meticulous planning, he orchestrated a surprise proposal that left Wilma breathless with joy. “He proposed to me with a surprise. We were going out for our anniversary dinner reservation at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Miami Beach but once there I was surprised with my entire family waiting for us. He got in one knee and I said Yes! I did not expect it at all.

  • Venue: Trump Hotel Sunny Isles 
  • Church: St. Patrick
  • Event Planner : Roxy Quevedo
  • Production Company : Zeta Event Productions
  • Photography: Victoria Machin Photography